Dr Zahid Asghar of CaHRU promoted to Associate Professor

Colleagues were delighted to hear that Dr Zahid Asghar, who joined CaHRU in 2011 was promoted to associate professor in the latest round of internal promotions at the University of Lincoln.

Dr Asghar leads the Prehospital and Emergency Quality and Outcomes (PEQO) group within Community and Health Research Unit (CaHRU) as well as the Disease Modelling and Health Metrics group at the Lincoln International Institute of Rural Health (LIIRH). As director of postgraduate research (PGR) studies he leads the following programmes: MA (by research), MSc (by research), MPhil/PhD Health and Social Care, PhD by practice portfolio, and PhD by publications.

He provides feedback to the College Research Degree Board (CRDB) and as well as being on the Ethics, Athena Swan, and Inclusion Group committees, he chairs the Statistics Group. He is also a member of the National Institute of Health Research pre-doctoral selection committee. He is currently working on various research research projects including: randomisation in the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT), use of MonitorMe in COPD, Community First Responders in the current and future rural workforce, modelling Covid-19 in Lincolnshire in collaboration with Lincolnshire Council and a self-harm evaluation in Lincolnshire in collaboration with Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust.

He is currently working on establishing a University of Lincoln Data Centre, big data projects in healthcare settings using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, including modelling local infectious disease outbreaks in Lincolnshire, transgender mental health, violence against women by collating relevant timely data for stakeholders through a regional and national charity, and modelling HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.

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