Clinical and Operational Practice

The majority of our research involves clinicians and professional staff. They are involved not just as research participants, but are often co-applicants on bids and expert advisors supporting and guiding our research activity. Their involvement throughout the research process enables evidence-based outcomes to be more easily adopted into practice.

Research across the QOPH programme has had direct impact on the organisation and delivery of flu and pneumococcal vaccination rates in high-risk groups. An e-learning module highlighting those strategies necessary to improve vaccination rates by around 8 per cent in primary care has had excellent feedback from GPs who reported they would use this knowledge in practice.

In the PEQO programme, CaHRU involved pre-hospital regulators, ambulance strategic staff, paramedics as well as service users. This level of involvement ensured real change across a number of treatment areas and was recognised regionally for the use of quality improvement initiatives in improving pre-hospital care for heart disease, stroke, cannulation and pain management (EMAS Research). Similarly, our work has been recognised nationally for demonstrating and delivering significant improvements in the care of heart attack and stroke (Health Foundation).

We continue to meet our overarching aim to ‘deliver high quality research, exploring and improving outcomes in health and social care’.

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