Post-doctoral bridging fellowship: paediatric prehospital pain

Funding body Health Education England
Total funding  £13,730
  • Dr Gregory Whitley (UoL & EMAS)
  • Professor Niroshan Siriwardena (UoL)
  • Associate Professor Sarah Redsell (UoN)
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Bill Lord (MU)
Team/consortium University of Lincoln (UoL)

East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EMAS)

University of Nottingham (UoN)

Monash University (MU)

Overarching aim Develop a competitive application for a post-doctoral fellowship [NIHR ICA Clinical Lectureship].
Objectives Design a substantial research project.

Develop a programme of training.

Collaborate and network. Bring together a team to manage the research project.

Disseminate research findings from PhD.

Combine above objectives, develop, and then submit a substantial post-doctoral fellowship application.

Methods Current plan for proposed research project:

Title: Pre-hospital pain management in children and young people: An intervention development and early feasibility study.

Aim: Explore the experiences of children, young people, parents/carers and ambulance clinicians and develop a co-produced intervention to improve pre-hospital pain management.

Methods: A mixed methods sequential exploratory study will be performed, including a multiple qualitative case study (work package [WP]1), consensus methods (WP2) and feasibility testing (WP3).

Outputs Post-doctoral fellowship application submission.
Impact Improved quality of care for children suffering pain who are attended by ambulance.



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