HMPPS Evaluation of commissioned rehabilitative services

PROJECT TITLE HMPPS Evaluation of commissioned rehabilitative services
Funding body This research is funded by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Dr Lauren Smith, University of Lincoln
  • Rachael Mason, University of Lincoln
  • Dr Coral Sirdifield, Community and Health Research Unit, University of Lincoln
  • Professor Karen Harrison, University of Lincoln
  • Dr Mehrshad Parvin Hosseini, Community and Health Research Unit, University of Lincoln
  • Dr Tochukwu Onwuegbusi, University of Lincoln
  • Professor Todd Hogue, University of Lincoln
  • Scott Kidd, University of Lincoln
  • Melanie St John Howe, University of Lincoln
  • University of Lincoln
Overarching aim To evaluate Commissioned Rehabilitative Services, conducting process, impact, and economic evaluations.

  1. Establish how the processes of commissioning out contracts and grants is operating and if the right activities are being implemented, specifically what is working well and what could be improved (process evaluation)
  2. Provide an understanding of the outcomes on people and providers and whether these effects are intended or unintended (impact evaluation)
  3. Establish whether the cost of CRS is justified by the benefits achieved (value for money evaluation). 
  1. Provision of an evidence-based approach to commissioning activities via contracts and grants to inform future re-commissioning.
  2. Understanding about the effectiveness of referrals to CRS.
  3. Understanding whether the right types of services are being commissioned to rehabilitate people on probation (PoP).
  4. Understanding of how enforcement can influence levels of engagement and outcomes.
  5. Provision of insight into whether autonomy for commissioning services is working well in terms of the way it is procured, both regionally and nationally.
  6. Understanding of the varying provider models for delivery of CRS activities and insight into which models work best.
  7. Evaluation of the impact of CRS interventions.
  8. Economic evaluation of CRS in terms of process, impact, and value for money.
Methods This will be a mixed-methods study combining process, impact and economic evaluations.
Outcomes Completion of evaluation to inform future practice.
Outputs We will produce interim reports and a final report and presentation of findings.
Impact We anticipate that findings from the evaluation will be used to inform future practice in this area.

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