Improvement science and research methods seminar given by Dr Shihua Zhu: Economic evaluation alongside clinical trials

Dr Shihua Zhu

On 20th February, Dr Shihua Zhu gave a Seminar entitled: Economic evaluation alongside clinical trials.

Dr Zhu described an economic evaluation conducted alongside a clinical trial. An economic evaluation is widely used in a clinical trials to investigate the cost of supplying the health care of an intervention related to its benefit compared with comparators. However, there is no ‘gold standard’ type of an economic evaluation alongside clinical trials. The seminar explored what type of economic evaluation is suitable to be planned and reported in a clinical trial.

Shihua is a senior Research Fellow in Econometrics and Health Economics in CaHRU and the Lincoln Clinical Trials Unit. His expertise lies in economic valuations alongside clinical trials, statistics and mathematical models. He has completed more than 10 economic evaluations alongside large scale random control trials. He has rich experience in conducting decision analytic models used in health care evaluation including the Markov model, discrete event simulation model and population dynamic model. He has published widely in high prestigious journals including Lancet, BMJ, PLOS One and HTA Reports.

The slides from the seminar are below and a recording of the seminar will be available soon.

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