Dr Tanja Kleinhappel joins Lincoln Clinical Trials Unit

Tanja joined the Lincoln Clinical Trials Unit (LincCTU) in August 2023 as a Clinical Data Manager. She will be involved in the management of relational databases and the data management for clinical and other research trials within the LinCTU.

Prior to joining, Tanja obtained theoretical and practical research experience across various fields within biology, including behavioural ecology, animal cognition and welfare by working across different research labs. After studying for her BSc in Behaviour at the University of Graz and her MSc in Neurobiology, behaviour and cognition at the University of Vienna in Austria, Tanja obtained her PhD at the University of Lincoln in 2015. She investigated the causes and consequences of animal social network structure using fish as a model species, by developing custom Matlab code to track animals and analyse their social behaviour under different environmental conditions.

After this she briefly worked as a research fellow for a small local agricultural company conducting R&D work as well as efficacy trials on plants and crops. In 2016 Tanja started a postdoctoral research fellowship funded by the NC3Rs, investigating automated predictive welfare assessments in groups of fish. During this time, she gained more experience with coding in Matlab, Python and R for data collection and statistical analysis. After this project she took a step away from research and worked for a few years in the customer service team at the University library in Lincoln assisting students and staff members with various tasks. She is excited to join the LinCTU team, working on a variety of projects and collaborating with internal and external researchers.

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