Dr Shihua Zhu joins CaHRU as Senior Research Fellow in Econometrics and Health Economics

Dr Shihua Zhu joined the Community and Health Research Unit and the Lincoln Clinical Trials Unit in June 2023. Shihua is a Senior Research Fellow in Econometrics and Health Economics. His expertise lies in economic evaluations alongside clinical trials, statistics and mathematical models. Dr Zhu has completed more than 10 economic evaluations alongside large scale random control trials. He has rich experience in conducting decision analytic models used in health care evaluation including Markov models, discrete event simulation models and population dynamic models.  Zhu has published widely in high prestigious journals including The Lancet, BMJ, PLOS One and HTA Reports.  

Before Joining CaHRU, Dr Zhu worked as a Senior Research Fellow in Health Economics at the Academic Unit of Primary Care and Population Sciences, University of Southampton. He has worked on many economic evaluations alongside clinical trials and analysis of large datasets including individual patient data of trials and observational studies, routinely collected electronic health records.

He was awarded an HTA trainee fellowship at the University of Aberdeen in 2007 after his PhD in geometric modelling at the University of Birmingham. 

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