Quality improvement in Health Care

Dr Maria Kordowicz and Prof Niro Siriwardena have co-written a new text on quality improvement, ‘Quality Improvement in Healthcare, A Guide for Students and Practitioners’ published by Sage which was released this Spring 2023.

Maria is Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour and Director of the Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham. She is aslo a visiting research fellow at CaHRU. Niro is Director of CaHRU and Professor of Primary and Prehospital Health Care at the University of Lincoln.

The book explores quality improvement, equipping readers with the knowledge and skills to understand and conduct improvement, from an appreciation of quality improvement and safety from various perspectives, to troubleshooting and working with others to make improvements, through to evaluation, sustainability and spread. It uses case studies drawn from examples of previous improvement work done by the authors including studies from CaHRU.

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