Probation, Mental Health and Criminal Justice. Towards Equivalence edited by Prof Charlie Brooker and Dr Coral Sirdifield

August 2022 saw the publication of a new textbook from Routledge ‘Probation, Mental Health and Criminal Justice. Towards Equivalence’, edited and co-authored by Professor Charlie Brooker and Dr Coral Sirdifield together with professionals working in the criminal justice and mental health field, and people with lived experience of the criminal justice system. The book was launched at an online event hosted by Revolving Doors Agency which attracted a large and diverse audience.

This book has been written for students, professionals, and academics with an interest in learning about probation and mental health. It covers what we know about the evidence for effective mental health interventions for people on probation, the prevalence of mental health problems amongst people on probation, recent thematic reviews around individuals with mental health needs and disorders in the Criminal Justice System and substance misuse services and probation, psychological treatment, probation and Covid-19 and methodological issues – both in terms of conducting research in probation settings, and the role of lived experience for enhancing the work of probation in this area.

As such, the book should be relevant for those working (or training to work) in the criminal justice system, and also those with or aspiring to roles in partner agencies such as public health and mental health trusts. It will also be a useful resource for individuals wishing to conduct research or evaluations around probation and mental health.

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