Improvement Science and Research Methods seminar September 2022: Performing health research with low income vulnerable older adults by Prof Ginal Agarwal

Prof Gina Agarwal, MBBS(UK) MRCGP(UK) CCFP FCFP PHD(Epidemiology) from McMaster University in Canada visited the Community and Health Research Unit for a week in September, as an International visiting fellow funded by the Lincoln Institute for Advanced Studies, and gave the CaHRU improvement science and research methods seminar on 27.09.22. Dr Agarwal is a Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact (HEI) and also the McMaster Family Medicine Levitt Scholar. Dr Agarwal has been a practising Family Physician for 25 years both in the United Kingdom and Canada. She is a Primary Care Epidemiologist and Associate Faculty in the Departments of HEI (Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact) and Health, Aging and Society. She is the Director of the Vulnerable Individuals in Primary Care (VIP) Research Lab, which focuses on improving primary health care access for vulnerable populations.

Dr Agarwal talked about performing health research with low income vulnerable older adults. Vulnerable older adults are under-represented in health research studies for a variety of reasons. The Vulnerable Individuals in Primary Care Research Lab at McMaster University, Canada, focuses on health research in under represented populations in order to improve their healthcare experiences and health.  A series of research methods case studies were presented on lessons learned from unsuccessful approaches, and subsequent strategies to make the research approach successful. If you were unable to attend but would like to hear Dr Agarwal’s talk here is the recording below.

Please contact Sue Bowler if you would like to attend future seminars.


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