Centre for Computational Physics Seminar: Mathematic Modelling and Statistics in Medicine given by Dr Zahid Asghar

zahidOn 12th January, Dr Zahid Asghar gave a presentation for the Centre for Computational Physics at the University of Lincoln.

Dr Asghar gave examples of deterministic and stochastics models used in infectious disease epidemiology. He looked at the way these models have been developed for HIV and Covid19 more recently. Dr Asghar gave an overview of some of the research being done in the Community and Health Research Unit and the Lincoln International Institute of Rural Health. Finally, he concluded by highlighting the importance of the interdisciplinary nature of research, now more than ever with “Big Data” and the need to link AI and machine learning into our contemporary paradigm of research.

Dr Zahid Asghar is a Mathematical Modeller and a Medical Statistician based in the Medical School. He is the Director of postgraduate studies for the School of Health and Social Care. He leads the Big Data team as part of CaHRU and LIIRH.

On 23.03.2022 Dr Zahid Asghar will present the Community and Health Research Unit seminar on the following topic: “Using Track and Trace data to model the early phase of Covid-19 Epidemic in Lincolnshire. Empirical evidence for the rule of six”. If you would like to attend, please contact Sue Bowler on sbowler@lincoln.ac.uk

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