Gupteswar Patel joins CaHRU as a postdoctoral research associate

Gupteswar Patel joined CaHRU in October 2021 as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Health Services Research. He will be working on a national NIHR funded study Community First Responders’ role in the current and future rural health and care workforce. He will contribute to this study and the wider work of CaHRU by drawing on his research experience in healthcare studies.

Prior to joining CaHRU, Gupteswar completed his PhD at the University of Newcastle, Australia, where he investigated the dynamics and determinants of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) integration into the biomedical based mainstream health system. His study also explored the way CAM practitioners practice holistic and patient-centred care in biomedical settings. Gupteswar has also completed his Master of Public Health, Certificate of Public Health and Bachelor of Pharmacy. He has been working on various areas including health policy and health systems’ governance, complementary medicine, mental health, holistic and patient-centred care, sustainable community engagement in health, and implementation research.

Gupteswar also has undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experiences from multiple countries like Australia and India. His research Interests include community engagement in health, health policies and systems research, social, institutional and political determinants of health, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and knowledge translation. His affiliations include the University of Newcastle, Australia, Health and Disability Research Group, University of Newcastle, Australia, Health Systems Global, Australasian Association of Bioethics & Health Law, The Australian Sociological Association and the Asia Public Policy Network.

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