Improvement science and research methods seminar March 2021: Dr Murray Smith on Analysis of repeated measures and longitudinal data in health research

The March 2021 Improvement Science and Research Methods seminar from CaHRU was presented by Dr Murray Smith, senior research fellow in econometrics and health economics at CaHRU, on ‘Analysis of repeated measures and longitudinal data in health research’. The seminar described what is meant by panel data, that is longitudinal or repeated measures data involving repeated observations on the same cross-section over time, how these are analysed and examples.

The examples of the method shown were those that Murray has used in recent studies. For example in the MAGIC and MAGIC2 studies panel data were analysed to measure the passage of an inert marker ingestible medical device through the gut for assessment of functional constipation in children and to explore potential adverse effects of the device. Another use was in the economic evaluation of Sport England’s Active Steps remote health coaching delivered by the British Lung Foundation which involved an independent, parallel standard care trial with data collected at baseline, 3, 6 and 12 months which created a set of panel data.

The final example was the recently completed study of methoxyflurane for acute pain in trauma in which Murray compared pain scores over time for adults given methoxyflurane or other analgesics. If you would like to view the seminar click here. Future seminars are listed below and past seminars can be accessed via the events page here:

21/04/21, 11am Dr Colin Ridyard, Review of published Health Economics Analysis Plans (HEAPs)

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