Dr Elise Rowan joins CaHRU as Clinical Database Manager

Elise joined CaHRU in October 2019 as Clinical Database Manager. Elise aims to use her skills and past experience with data management and clinical research project/surgical trial management to support various on-going and new projects at CaHRU.

Elise gained her PhD at Cambridge University Orthopaedic Research Unit in 1996 and subsequently moved to the Newcastle area where she worked for 18 years mainly as a post-doctoral researcher within the Medical School at Newcastle University. Elise’s research experience includes managing relational databases for longitudinal clinical and neuropsychological studies of patients with dementia, stroke and Parkinson’s disease. Elise also gained some managerial and administrative experience working within the NHS as manager of an NIHR funded research network for patients with dementia and neurodegenerative diseases and acting as the Newcastle local network administrator for the Alzheimer’s Research Trust (now known as Alzheimer’s Research UK).

From 2008-2013 Elise worked in the Newcastle Neurosurgical Trials Unit managing two international surgical trials for patients with spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage and intracerebral haemorrhage caused by traumatic head injury (STICH II and STITCH(Trauma). These projects achieved a high follow-up rate and involved working collaboratively with hospitals and neurosurgeons all over the world. Following this, Elise worked briefly as a senior clinical trials manager (specialising mainly in the set-up of new surgical trials) at Newcastle University Clinical Trials Unit before relocating to Lincolnshire in 2015 and joining the Lincoln Education Assistance with Dogs study at University of Lincoln Department of Psychology.

As a result of the above roles, Elise has a very broad research experience which has enabled her to contribute to a large number of publications particularly in the areas of stroke, dementia and cerebral haemorrhage. Elise’s on-going academic interests include research data management, research ethics, clinical/surgical trial protocol development and research project management.

By Dr Elise Rowan

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