College of Social Science Showcase Summer 2019

The College of Social Science research showcase this summer was held at the Stephen Langton Building at the Brayford Campus on 10 July 2019 and featured a broad range of research under the umbrella of ‘Applying Social Science at a Civic University’. After an introduction and welcome from the vice chancellor Prof Mary Stuart and pro vice chancellor for the college, Prof Duncan French, we were treated to a series of talks featuring all the schools.

Dr Coral Sirdifield spoke about her research into health care for people on probation and her NIHR funded study which led to the development of the ‘Probation Healthcare Commissioning Toolkit. A resource for commissioners and practitioners in health and criminal justice.’ The toolkit supports CCGs role and responsibility in commissioning for people in contact with probation and also covers practice, policy and future research.

Prof Niro Siriwardena was joined by Lincolnshire practice nurse Helen Todd to speak on a key area of CaHRU research, primary care for people with insomnia. Members of the Community and Health Research Unit (CaHRU) have led research into primary care of insomnia over the past two decades, working with major academic institutions (Oxford, Manchester, Glasgow, Ghent), service users, staff and healthcare organisations, locally, nationally and internationally. Using systematic reviews, observational and qualitative studies, quasi-experiments and trials, the team have explored how primary care for sleep might be improved using psychological treatments, and what effect this is having on sleep, prescribing, and health outcomes.

Helen discussed her role on a major multi-centre trial, the Health professional Administered Brief Insomnia Therapy (HABIT) study, funded by the NIHR, investigating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of nurse-deleivered sleep restriction therapy in primary care. The showcase including many examples of excellent ongoing research studies and ended with a plenary discussion on future research priorities led by Prof Duncan French and a drinks reception.

Prof Niro Siriwardena

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