CaHRU at Trent Regional SAPC, Nottingham, March 2019

CaHRU was well represented at the recent annual Trent Regional SAPC Conference which this year was held at East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham on 19 March 2019 .

The core of the morning session were the two parallel sessions. Dr Zahid Asghar presented his work on the performance of candidates with dyslexia in the MRCGP clinical skills assessment. In the second of the parallel sessions, Dr Julie Pattinson presented her work on a process evaluation in Sleep Restriction Therapy. Viet-Hai Phung did an oral presentation of a poster of CaHRU’s study on diabetes-related emergencies in care homes. Despina Laparidou displayed a poster showcasing her work on systematic review on insomnia in patients with tinnitus.

While there was a significant presence from CaHRU, there were other interesting presentations in the morning and afternoon. Professor Paul Crawford from the University of Nottingham discussed the relatively new field of health humanities. He talked about the potential for the humanities to play a more influential role in informing healthcare. There is a lot more work to be done in respect of this, but it was certainly innovative.

In the afternoon, Dr Helen Garr took time out from being a GP at Cripps Practice at the University of Nottingham to talk about the importance of balancing work and well-being. She used anecdotes from a compelling backstory to provide some context for her interest in this area. It was very evident that Dr Garr was very fond of visuals and audio in her presentation. Not many speakers get their audience up and dancing to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go but she managed it!



By Viet-Hai Phung

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