Evaluation of new heart failure services in Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire

Funding body East Midlands Academic Health Science Network
Total funding £60,000
  • Prof Niroshan Siriwardena, CaHRU, University of Lincoln
  • Dr Gupteswar Patel, CaHRU, University of Lincoln
  • Dr Mehrshad Parvin Hosseini, CaHRU, University of Lincoln
  • Dr Viet-Hai Phung, CaHRU, University of Lincoln
  • Prof Alun Roebuck, United Lincolnshire Hospital
  • Dr Emma Copsey, Northampton General NHS Trust
  • Dr David Sharman, Northampton General NHS Trust
  • University of Lincoln
  • United Lincolnshire Hospital NHS Trust
  • Northamptonshire General NHS Trust
Overarching aim The evaluation seeks to establish the nature and extent of the intervention implementation in Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire and outcomes from new heart failure services, with cost consequences analysis in both sites, comparing the two areas where possible.
Objectives 1.   Investigate the effect of the implementation of heart failure pathways in Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire on outcomes, including admissions (emergency and planned) for heart failure, length of stay in hospital (LOS), readmission within 30 days and survival where data are available, taking into account covariates including age, sex, ethnicity and location.

2.   Explore patients’ and patient caregivers’ perceptions and experiences of using heart failure services.

3.   Explore service providers’ including primary care (GPs and practice nurses), community care (heart failure and cardiac rehabilitation), and secondary care (consultant, AHP and nursing) staff, perceptions and experiences of the ongoing implementation of heart failure services.

4.   To explore the broader social and institutional contexts influencing the implementation of heart failure pathways.

5.   Draw on the analysis of context, mechanisms and lessons learned to understand enablers of spread and adoption, to refine the intervention and propose a roadmap for scaling up.

Methods A mixed-methods study to evaluate the contexts, intervention and outcomes in relation to heart failure services, using a realist evaluation framework.
Outcomes Extent of reduction in hospital admission among heart failure patients

Understanding mechanism of the heart failure service provisions

Outputs Peer reviewed publications:

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Impact The hope is that a fully developed intervention will be implemented across the counties, which will be sustainable and, if shown to be effective, capable of wider spread.