Higher Education Institution Challenge for Patient Supported Quality Improvement and Education in Healthcare (HEI challenge)

Funding body East Midlands Academic Health Science Network
Total funding £250,000
  • Prof A N Siriwardena, Professor of Primary and Prehospital Health Care, CaHRU, University of Lincoln
  • Prof Carol Phillips, University of Northampton
  • Prof Heather Wharrad and Dr Richard Windle, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Beverley Peel, Nottingham Trent University
  • Dr Gemma Ryan, University of Derby
  • Drs Helen Best and Helen Bywater, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Dr Simon Oldroyd, De Montfort University
  • Prof Liz Anderson, University of Leicester
  • Dr Patricia Cowell, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Kristen Clements, Loughborough University
  • Dr Rhian Last, Education for Health
  • Rachel Hawley, Project Manager, CaHRU, University of Lincoln
  • Dr Coral Sirdifield, Research Fellow, CaHRU, University of Lincoln
  • Sue Bowler, Administrator, CaHRU, University of Lincoln
Team/consortium East Midlands Academic Health Science Network; Universities of Lincoln, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton, Derby, and Sheffield, De Montfort, Loughborough and Sheffield Hallam Universities, Education for Health
Overarching aim The aim of this project was to stimulate and support the spread of health innovation, innovation in quality improvement, and education for innovation and improvement across the East Midlands.
Objectives Primary objective

  • To work together to share, develop, showcase and spread their work around the unifying topic of healthcare quality improvement, focussing on three main areas: firstly, the involvement of services users, patients and carers in educational design, delivery and assessment; secondly, the use of novel technologies in health education for patients and practitioners and thirdly, innovative interdisciplinary education that supports quality improvement in healthcare.

Secondary objectives

  • To build a sustainable model for working together to improve the profile of the East Midlands region for innovative health education and research.
  • To foster new sustainable networks to support novel health education and delivery in the East Midlands focusing on quality improvementSecondary objectives
  • To ensure more effective, safe and equitable care, ensuring that the patient voice is at the centre of this initiative and that best use is made of the opportunities for enhancing education that new technology provides.
Methods Quality improvement collaborative.
Outcomes To showcase East Midlands universities collectively as excellent places to learn, the thriving East Midlands region as an outstanding area for work opportunities and quality of life, and the East Midlands HEIs as the destination of choice for education.

Website, conference and evaluation report.

Evaluation report


Impact The project has helped to attract and retain healthcare students and staff to the East Midlands region.


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