Pandemic and COVID-19 studies (C-19)

Please find below our current  projects on pandemics and COVID-19:
Active projects

Ambulance (Emergency Medical Service) interventions in response to pandemics: a scoping review (EMS pandemic review) 2020-2021
Unfunded study. Key contact: Dr Ffion Curtis.
This a one year study led by University of Lincoln which aims to conduct a systematic scoping review of the literature on interventions, outcomes and experiences of the ambulance service response to pandemics.

Identifying and explaining clusters of acute physical and mental health conditions in the East Midlands of the UK and Ontario using ambulance call condition data: SatScan analysis and evaluation of health care system effectiveness (Emergency Medical Service Call Condition Cluster Study [EMSC3]) 2020-2022
Funded by University of Lincoln School of Geography, awarding £2000. Key contact: Dr Harriet Moore.
This is a three year study led by the University of Lincoln with University of Leicester, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, East Midlands Ambulance Service and Niagara Emergency Medical Services  which aims to investigate the epidemiology of 999 ambulance attendances for ambulatory care sensitive conditions in East Midlands, UK and Ontario, Canada.

Ambulance calls for Substance use and Alcohol in a Pandemic (ASAP) 2020-2021
Unfunded. Key contact: Prof Graham Law.
This is a one-year study which seeks to review published evidence on the effect of the pandemic on alcohol and substance misuse and investigate ambulance service attendance and transports at incidents involving alcohol and/or substance use over the period of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.