About Viet-Hai Phung

I joined the School of Health and Social Care as a Research Assistant in September 2011. I am currently undertaking systematic literature reviews in a project entitled ‘Developing New Ways of Measuring the Impact of Ambulance Service Care’. I am also involved in the IPCREST project, which explores new ways of treating insomnia and the ASCQI project, which looks at quality improvement in the treatment of heart attacks and strokes. In addition to this, I am currently involved in the editorial process for the journal, Quality in Primary Care. Prior to joining the School of Health and Social Care, I worked as a Research Associate for six and a half years at the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University. I have nine years’ experience of undertaking applied research across a range of public policy areas, such as social policy, community safety and housing, for public and voluntary sector evaluations. I have a range of quantitative and qualitative research skills, as well as extensive experience of undertaking literature reviews and publishing for a range of audiences, including peer-reviewed journals and policy practitioners.

The impact of New Public Management in the Ambulance Service

The use of performance indicators has been a feature of public policy for over three decades. They were first introduced by the Conservative Government to tackle perceived inefficiencies in the UK public sector. The answer lay in the New Public Continue reading The impact of New Public Management in the Ambulance Service